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Computer Apps 3rd and 7th Period
Instructor: Slone, Has   

Computer Applications involves projects using the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Power Point, EXCEL, Publisher and maybe ACCESS).á Additionally, there are Lessons located on Mr. Slone's webpage that incorporate the other parts of the standard not met by the Microsoft Office projects. All Lessons and projects must be successfully completed to earn the 1/2 High School credit.

Grading Policy:á Projects = 40%, Quizzes (with each project) = 20%,
Tests (Middle and End of 9 Weeks / Semester) = 40%:

Note: There will beárequired homework or make up work in this class. Mr. Slone's webpage projects may be done at home and submitted in class.á Students who are absent must make up missed work.á Please see Mr. Slone to schedule time before school.

áEmail: HSLONE@acpsd.net
áPhone:á 803-663-4300
Best time to see me are mornings 7:45 -8:20 and Lunch from 11:30 - 12:20. áI am not available in the afternoons.
End of 2nd 9 weeks
Your children have completed Projects in Power Point and Excel. Many have done well. They have thrived on the freedom required of this class. Others have expected hand holding. They have not applied themselves and their grades will show accordingly. As I have told the students, this is a production class. They do the work, they will get the credit. I make myself available each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning before school (7:15-7:50 AM) for students to do makeup work.
End 1st 9 weeks
We are at the end of the 1st Nine weeks. The students have worked through Basic, Word and Publisher. Some will work with Vocations from my personal page to meet the other standards for the class. Some are pushing me for more work, while others are lagging behind either for lack of effort or personal reasons. This is a PRODUCTION class. Work done will be graded and credited to a student in Power Teacher. Work not done will not be credited to a student. We help each other to get through this. Don't be afraid to ask for help, but don't expect someone to be doing the work for you. I help students who are working harder than me to do the projects. Many others have successfully passed this class and you can too. Note: I am in my classroom on Monday / Tuesday / Thursday and Friday mornings at 7:15 AM for students to make up work.

The 2nd 9 weeks will involve work with Power Point and EXCEL. They have lots to do. If they fall behind, I am in the classroom at 7:15 on Tues/ Wed./ Thur/ Fridays and they are welcome to come in to makeup work not done in class or missed due to absences.
Discussion Topics
Files to do Basic unit in 2010 Microsoft text
Files for learning Excel in text Microsoft Office 2010
 Power Point
Power Point files for Text Microsoft Office 2010
Files for Word text Microsoft Office 2010
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